About 4Battuta

4batutta is one of the best local classifieds in Kuwait that allows you to buy, sell, rent, exchange, and advertise your service or any openings.

Are you thinking about buying a car or renting a flat?

We have got you covered. You can avail of different services, buy and sell most of the things you can think of. 4battuta is among the best Arabic classifieds portals based in Kuwait.

We are proud to say that it is one of the finest platforms where buyers and sellers connect in real-time to buy/sell or avail of any services. 4battuta has several team members and is trusted by millions of unique people and businesses trading over our platform to sell items worth billions annually. As of the other buy and sell portals, we don’t put you in so much hassle; we process the deal quickly and hassle-free.

Since its foundation, 4battuta continues to innovate and serve its customers to buy, sell, exchange, and advertise their products, services, or job openings.

We offer a safe and trusted environment to connect the sellers and buyers directly without having to pay commission to some third party. Every process is quick, smooth, and hassle-free. As we mentioned earlier, you can search for anything in our portal that comes to your mind (except for illegal items).

We have over 20+ different categories and all locations to choose from products and services from. Our vision to empower people and businesses make us the best and the largest classified listings in Kuwait.